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MASA SWORD Simulation Used to Optimize Response and Resilience during UN Logistics Chain Emergency Preparedness Training in Peru

The exercise allowed to strengthen the operational capacities of the local authorities in case of an earthquake or a tsunami – Improved cooperation between the public and the private sectors for the distribution of humanitarian help and food relief to the local populations

global_platform_header-logo-MasaMASA Group (“MASA”), a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Modeling & Simulation (M&S) software for the defense, emergency preparedness, serious games and game development markets, is participating as a representative company from the Private sector to the Fourth Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. This event is coordinated by UNISDR (The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction) and is taking place from May 19th to 23th in Geneva, Switzerland.

On this occasion, the company announces that its flagship software, MASA SWORD, was successfully used by the World Food Program (WFP), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the National institute for Civil Defense in Peru (INDECI) and the Peruvian Red Cross, in the framework of a simulation exercise which took place in October 2012 in the Trujillo Province. The objective of this exercise was to strengthen the operational capacities of the local authorities in case of an earthquake and/or a tsunami. The improved cooperation between the public and the private sectors allowed a more efficient distribution of humanitarian help and food relief to the populations in selected coastal areas.

Local support for the use of SWORD during the exercise was provided through Latinmedia International LLC (LMI, www.latinmedia-int.com), MASA’s value-added reseller in Latin America.

SWORD is an automated, aggregated, constructive simulation designed to improve training, analysis, and decision support for both commanding officers in the military and crisis managers in the emergency preparedness sector. SWORD offers users highly realistic scenarios as well as an open simulation platform which is interoperable with other simulations and Command & Control (C2) systems. It can be deployed via distant servers (in the cloud) and can be adapted into several languages (ongoing versions include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic). SWORD also includes a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence engine developed by MASA.

“SWORD helped us to set up in record time highly realistic and easy-to-use training scenarios to optimize the logistics chain for the distribution of the humanitarian help and food relief in case of a major natural catastrophe,“ Jérôme Chandes, Consultant for the World Food Program in Peru and coordinator for the Trujillo exercise, declared. “Thanks to MASA, we could easily organize a series of light and portable workshops which took place in several cities of the critical coastal area. During those workshops, MASA’s scenarios corresponding to one-day crises were played on laptops in accelerated mode. This allowed us to significantly improve the level of coordination between key public and private players of the food relief distribution chain during periods of crisis.”

“Owing to the human impact of natural catastrophes and of man-made hazards, the military and the public safety authorities worldwide are expressing growing needs for training in tactical responses, logistics missions, and protection of civilian populations,” Juan-Pablo Torres, President and CEO of MASA Group, declared. “During the Fourth Session of the Global Platform in Geneva, we are really looking forward to exchanging about SWORD –and the use of simulation tools in general- with a large array of public and private decision makers in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction. Indeed, MASA’s constructive simulation software SWORD is a powerful and cost-effective tool to help decision makers stay better prepared and move more quickly towards a safer tomorrow.”

SWORD is currently being used by several armies and public safety authorities in the world, as for example in Peru, where the Department of Planning and Director of Constructive Simulations at the Tactical Training Centre of the Peruvian Army (CETAC EP) uses SWORD  to enable military and civilian authorities to be better prepared for natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, or other crisis involving population, like terrorist attacks.

To meet with MASA at the Fourth Global Platform, please contact Najoua Rostand, New Markets & Sales Manager, MASA Group, najoua.rostand@masagroup.net.

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