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The Brazilian Army Selects MASA SWORD Constructive Simulation after a Highly-selective Bid Process Won by Decatron

SWORD will be used for the training of command posts of the Brazilian Army at the battalion, brigade and division levels. SWORD will be adapted to the Brazilian military doctrine and will allow simulating defense and public safety scenarios.


MASA-Sword-LogoMASA Group (“MASA”), a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Modeling & Simulation (M&S) software for the defense, emergency preparedness, serious games and game development markets, announces that the Brazilian Army has signed a major contract for the use of MASA SWORD. This contract has been signed by Decatron (www.decatron.com.br), a Brazilian systems integrator, and will be executed through its consulting arm RustCon, with full support from MASA. It includes the acquisition and full customization of SWORD, MASA’s flagship constructive simulation software.

SWORD is an automated, aggregated, constructive simulation designed to improve training, analysis, and decision support for both commanding officers in the military and crisis managers in the emergency preparedness sector. SWORD offers users highly realistic scenarios as well as an open simulation platform which is interoperable with other simulations and Command & Control (C2) systems. It can be deployed via distant servers (in the cloud) and can be adapted into several languages (ongoing versions include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic). SWORD also includes a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence engine developed by MASA.

The Brazilian Army will use SWORD to improve the training of its command posts by simulating combat actions, combat-support actions, as well as non-military actions at both the “Subunidade” levels (“companhia, esquadrão  e bateria”) and the “Unidade” levels (“batalhão, regimento e grupo de artilharia”). An essential criterion in choosing SWORD was its capability of easily being adapted to the Brazilian military doctrine. The Brazilian Army’s main goal in choosing SWORD is to improve the training of the command posts at the battalion, brigade and division levels for applications including both defense and public safety scenarios on Brazil’s national territory.

“We are currently at a crossroads regarding the use of simulation technologies in the Brazilian Army”, stated Colonel Paulo Eduardo, Head of the Brazilian Army’s Combat Simulation Division within the Comando de Operações Terrestres (COTER). “We are under a profound transformation process and are glad to have picked MASA SWORD. MASA’s constructive simulation is technologically the most advanced today, among other elements thanks to its Artificial-Intelligence capabilities. SWORD is also easily interoperable with other systems through industry standards (such as HLA or BML). Our choice is the result of a long and carefully-planned screening and selection process worldwide that allowed us to choose the best technology at the best price.”

“The availability and flexibility of MASA’s top-notch international engineers made it possible for our consultants and project managers to quickly master MASA SWORD’s easy-to-use functionalities and user interface,” Carlos Rust, Head of RustCon, added. “The RustCon Brazilian team is now ready to start adapting SWORD to the Brazilian military doctrine. We are looking forward to an efficient cooperation with MASA to satisfy the needs of the most demanding of all our clients.”

Juan-Pablo Torres, President and CEO of MASA Group, declared: “MASA is proud and honored that the Brazilian Army has selected SWORD as their constructive simulation of choice for the training of their command posts. Thanks to SWORD’s innovative technology, we firmly believe that the Brazilian Army will significantly improve its training capabilities and will enlarge the range of defense and public safety scenarios their command posts are trained for.” He added: “We see a vast potential of deployment for SWORD in South America, particularly in Brazil. Important benefits for the users of SWORD include more efficient, realistic training and analysis capabilities, which can also be applied for the training of crisis managers within the context of large-scale events such as the World Cup or the Olympic Games.”

SWORD is currently being used by several armies and system integrators around the world, including most notably in countries such as France, Brazil, Denmark, Peru, Ecuador, Sweden and the USA, amongst others. In the South America region, MASA is represented by Latinmedia International LLC (LMI, www.latinmedia-int.com). LMI has played a key role over the past years in understanding the Brazilian Army’s needs in terms of constructive simulation as well as in supporting MASA to better prepare and adapt its software offering in the region.

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