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I/ITSEC 2014 marks a record year for MASA

It has been a year of significant achievements for MASA since the last edition of I/ITSEC. The company now provides its smarter simulation software to over 15 countries, enhancing savings, flexibility and realism of mission preparedness training for armed forces around the world.

The latest editions of MASA Group’s flagship constructive simulation software, MASA SWORD, and its next generation middleware, MASA LIFE, will be introduced today at booth 2227 at the Inter-service/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, Florida. The event also marks the end of a successful year for MASA, which has seen the continued growth of the company’s international customer base across Europe, Australasia, Asia Pacific and South America.

New customers

A successful year of integration with new military users is highlighted by the selection of SWORD by the New Zealand Army – the company’s first customer from the Commonwealth. This significant contract win was marked in September when SWORD was used in the five-nation SUMAN Warrior exercise held in New Zealand. This land-based tactical-level Command Post Exercise was carried out between the nations within the Commonwealth’s Five Power Defence Arrangements, and included Singapore, United-Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

At I/ITSEC, representatives from the Mission Command Training School of the New Zealand Army will share unique insights and discuss the key advantages of MASA’s constructive simulation training. The brigade-level exercise, which saw an estimated 180 military personnel from the five participating nations, successfully utilized SWORD less than a year after the software was selected and integrated by the New Zealand defense forces.

Product innovation

Combining the most realistic artificial intelligence technology with flexibility and ease of use, SWORD is designed to improve training, analysis and decision-support for commanding officers in both the military and the emergency preparedness sectors. Ensuring that SWORD remains the most efficient tool of its kind, the latest functionalities enhance mission preparedness – for example, by allowing users to create and dynamically modify itineraries. These itineraries are used during missions to order units to follow specific routes and also provide supply routes for logistic units. A new terrain rendering engine provides a display closer to a standard map – increasing the fidelity of the simulation.

Reflecting MASA’s diverse global customer base, further new features to SWORD include support for international exercises with multi-language models and additional public safety doctrine behaviors.

As for LIFE, MASA will release its next version of LIFE’s enhanced integration with Bohemia Interactive’s VBS2 -and recently released VBS3-, one of the leading virtual simulations in the defense industry. MASA will also demonstrate a beta version of its LIFE integration with Havok’s Vision engine, another leading virtual simulation in both the defense and the games industry. These integrations are the result of months of close collaboration between the LIFE team and beta-testers from the defense industry. They enable users of VBS2 or Havok’s Vision to create operational and engaging behaviors for the non-player characters (NPC) of the simulation thanks to LIFE.

On Wednesday, December 3rd, at 14.30 – 1500, the New Zealand Army and MASA will be holding joint press briefing to give an exclusive overview of New Zealand’s use of SWORD during Exercise SUMAN Warrior on MASA booth 2227.

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