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Improved VBS characters control in LIFE v1.10.0

Masa-Life-Run-01MASA is releasing the 10th minor version of MASA LIFE with, once again, a focus on VBS integration.

Improved animation control

The main feature of this release is a vastly improved character controller for VBS units. Thanks to our close collaboration with the Bohemia Simulation team we have managed to get smoother character animation and better control of the speed of movement. In practice, this improved control allows:

  • soldiers to walk, run and sprint;
  • animation blending between speeds to be handled properly;
  • behaviors to specify which speed to use, the controller being able to automatically decrease the speed whenever needed (sharp turns, collision avoidance, …).

In upcoming releases we’ll further refine this control for improved handling of strafing. This 1.10 release is also the last preliminary release on our path to release a reusable military infantry behavior content library !


Full release notes for v1.10.0

New features


All subscribed channels (even those that haven’t received messages) appear in the debugger’s entity monitor.
Now allow built-in evaluators in SpatialDB queries: “random”, “min”, “max”, “abs” and “round”.
Introduction of the Queue sample showcasing advanced use of the messaging system.


Refactor of the Goto action: for infantry units, it relies on LIFE’s builtin navigation engine and controls the unit through VBS high external control; for vehicle units it wraps VBS’s own navigation engine.
Adding documentation for all available actions.



  • Low level math classes, mlv::utils::Vector3, mlv::utils::Vector2 and mlv::utils::Quaternion are now only available with double and float.
  • mlv::utils::DynamicObject methods necessitating object or array properties (addChild, resize, …) are now more resilient, and act like setReal and co. converting the property if required.
  • The debugger’s 3D view now gets the focus when the application starts, allowing the camera to be moved immediately.
  • LIFE for VBS

The readability of warning messages has been greatly improved.



  • Fixed a runtime crash that occurred during the simulation termination after a Behavior Tree evaluation ended in error.
  • Fixed a runtime, Invalid call sequence crash that occurred when binding an array or object action output parameter to an integer, real, boolean or string property.
  • Fixed the undo/redo behavior in the toolset with a spinbox that has active focus.


  • Added missing steps in tutorial 3.
  • Fixed crash that occurred when restarting LIFE simulations.

External libraries & tools

Evaluate MASA LIFE v1.10.0 now!

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