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SWORD new release, v6.2


Earlier this week, MASA released the latest version of their industry-leading serious wargames software, SWORD. Discover some of the powerful new features our developers have added!

Sophisticated, centralized drawing management

Drawings are now organized in layers so that you can simply turn them on and off at any moment, as well as distribute entire layers to user groups, which equips you perfectly for multiple and simultaneous course of action management. Furthermore, the order of superimposition in which layers appear can be changed by drag-and-drop, as can the layers to which drawings belong. In short, this provides an instant and global view of the organization of drawings, and whether or not they are visible.



Obstacle plans

You can now anticipate the construction and modification of obstacles by automats and units. You configure these planned objects so that they define mission parameters automatically when needed. As well as accelerating the configuration process, this lets engineering teams work separately from commanders and design obstacles in advance.

Global and local weather systems evolve during an exercise

You can now set multiple global and local weather conditions for an entire exercise. Multiple global weather systems succeed each other as the exercise progresses, while any number of local weather systems can exist simultaneously. A specifically-designed view lets you observe the state of weather across your terrain and throughout the exercise at a glance.



Sound alerts indicate the arrival of new messages from the field

Further to reports appearing on their own tabs and categorized to suit your every need, sound alerts can be activated to help keep you abreast of incoming information from the field. Alerts can be set for specific units, and if need be you can customize your own sounds.

The SWORD Preparation User Guide

A brand new SWORD Preparation User Guide has been added to the documentation set, providing finely-detailed descriptions and task-oriented procedures that let you prepare exercises secure in the knowledge that you can make the most of every aspect of the Preparation application.

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