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Press trip in Brazil

Beginning of July, the Brazilian Army hosted a military simulation and training press trip to several Army training and evaluation centers throughout the country, visiting military facilities in Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, and Santa Maria do Sul, where the Brazilian Army has deployed COMBATER, a customized version of SWORD (MASA’s constructive training system).

Operation Liberdade Azul (SWORD) (8)

At the CAA-Sul (Training and Evaluation Centre), in Santa Maria

Four journalists from the UK (representing Jane’s, Shephard Media, Moench Publishing, PMI and Military Training & Simulation News) gave MASA their conclusions and insights about the trip, having had the opportunity of observing a major divisional exercise using COMBATER (SWORD customized version according to the Brazilian Army doctrine and equipment capabilities) in Santa Maria, and discussed future procurement plans for the system.

Exercise in Brazil using MASA SWORD

Operators using COMBATER during the « Operação Liberdade Azul » exercise

Called “Operação Liberdade Azul” (« Operation Blue Liberty »), this joint exercise aimed to train 3 brigades during almost a week and required only 50 operators to control SWORD, in pair with 50 others who controlled C2 systems  The objectives of this exercise were to develop the trainees’ coordination, planning and execution skills.

1st Jungle Infantry Battalion (Manaus)

Military parade at the 1st Jungle Infantry Battalion in Manaus

Visits were also made to the Jungle, Armored and Parachute Warfare Training Centres in addition to the Army’s Training Evaluation Centre, 1st Jungle Air Mobile Battalion, the 1st Armoured Regiment and HQ Amazon Military Command. The Brazilian Army’s hosting of the event was seamless and those attending were struck by the professionalism of the Army and the dedication of its officers, NCOs and soldiers.

Parachutist Brigade (Rio)

At the Parachute Warfare Training Centre, in Rio

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