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MASA to attend MilSim Asia

MASA Group, leading provider of artificial intelligence simulation solutions to over 15 countries worldwide, will showcase its flagship product MASA SWORD for the first time at MilSim Asia this week.

MASA Group, renowned worldwide for its innovative artificial intelligence-based simulation systems for training, analysis and decision support, will be exhibiting its automated wargame, MASA SWORD, at the inaugural MilSim Asia conference on 19 – 20 January 2016 in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands.

MilSim Asia is a gateway for companies to enter into the region’s rapidly developing defense markets, where training is a crucial aspect for growing armies. In recent years, MASA has focused on increasing its footprint in this key high-growth region; SWORD is already in use by the Bangladesh Army Training and Doctrine Command (ARTDOC) and the Singapore Defence Science and Technology Agency, as well as the New Zealand Army.

SWORD is a wargame with automated forces designed to train command staff at battalion, brigade or divisional levels in large-scale conflicts, stabilization operations, terrorist threats or natural disasters. SWORD heightens the realism of simulation, further immersing users in the training scenarios. Most importantly, the tool enables users to analyze their training session and, later, apply this training methodology directly in the field. SWORD, when connected to C2 and C4ISR systems, can also be used as a real-time decision-support tool.

Recent upgrades of SWORD include new features, such as enhanced human and environmental factors, where aspects such as morale, fitness and efficiency of simulated forces can be monitored prior to and during an exercise, and the weather can be realistically adapted to affect vehicle speed and ease of movement.

MASA will also showcase MASA SYNERGY and MASA LIFE at MilSim Asia. SYNERGY is similar in design to SWORD, but tailored to civilian emergency services, including likely actions from automated emergency response units. LIFE is middleware designed to integrate with other military simulation programs to provide realistic behaviors for forces and opponents. All three products will be shown on MASA’s booth 13.

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