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SWORD’s latest enhancements (v6.5)

MASA-Sword-Transparent-paddingAs MASA’s last User Group meeting in Saumur proved in March, the key to developing world beating training technologies is to cultivate a close and active relationship with your customers. This conduit provides the feedback loop that is vital to continually enhance products and keep them on the leading edge of training technology.
With MASA SWORD now in service in nearly 20 countries, this feedback loop is significant and goes to show why the SWORD constructive training wargame solution continues to be the solution of choice for so many armies and government organizations around the world.
Customer feedback is so important for us and assists us in designing updates for the product,” explains Enrico Raue, New Markets Development & Sales Manager at MASA. “We always keep the communication channels open through our regional sales managers and field service engineers. It’s part of our culture as a company to listen very closely to our customers.
At ITEC 2016 and Eurosatory 2016, MASA will be showcasing its latest iteration of SWORD, version 6.5.
This version of SWORD has improvements in the exercise ‘timeline’ application making it possible to make modifications to a created exercise plan in real-time while the simulation exercise is being executed.

This provides increased flexibility for the exercise manager and the ability for him or her to alter the scenario in response to the actions of the exercising troops by ‘un-triggering’ events that were initially planned during the creation of the exercise.
The timeline utility allows the exercise manager to plan and organize prior to the exercise, the missions undertaken by the exercising troops and the simulated units (Computer Generated Forces) during the exercise.

As such, the timeline utility needs to be easy to use and ergonomically functional. New functionalities that have been added to SWORD v. 6.5 include the ability for the exercise manager to launch an after action review (AAR) on remote servers.
The addition of color annotation and labeling allows exercising unit commanders to sort clearly and identify their respective planned operational orders. The other benefit of this new color and labeling process is that it allows exercise managers to reschedule triggered events and choose exactly which events they want to save. This allows them to create an action plan without having to restart the simulation several times.
Another key improvement provided by SWORD v. 6.5 is an increase in computational performance to allow the generation of more detailed contact reports and subsequent analysis. This facility enables commanders to select the most appropriate ground for deployment or the best vantage points to select for observation posts.


In red: the areas that can be viewed from the point determined by the cursor

SWORD v.6.5 is clearly taking constructive wargame training to a new level. With more updates planned for later in the year, SWORD will continue to go from strength to strength.

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