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MASA offers modularity with SWORD

November 24 2016, Paris, France: Ahead of I/ITSEC 2016, MASA Group is announcing that it is growing the offering of its flagship product, SWORD. In a year where MASA both celebrates its 20th anniversary and welcomes a new CEO, the company has introduced a number of modular options to SWORD as well as significant technological improvements that provide tailored packages to address a greater range of customer requirements and budgets.

Under the direction of the new CEO, David Chouraqui, MASA has implemented a new global strategy to broaden the scope and operation of SWORD, MASA’s constructive simulation for command post training. Until now, SWORD was designed for use at divisional and brigade levels, but this has now been extended so that battalion level command posts can also train using SWORDS’ intuitive and cutting edge technology.

MASA works very closely with its users and system integrator partners to deliver tailored packages. MASA trains teams to use the technology for optimum training results and can personalize every feature, from the technical specification of weapons to the moral of the troops, in order to fit with a customer’s organizational structure and operational requirements. MASA also organizes frequent user group meetings, to understand how customers are currently using SWORD and what else they would like SWORD to be able to do in the future. It is from this experience that the company has launched its new global strategy.

From this basis, MASA has decided to divide the functionalities within SWORD into modules. Customers can choose a variety of capabilities that include basic system configuration, levels of service support and a variety of different training packages tailored to specific customer requirements. By doing this, customers can select and pay for only what they need, making the system and services much more affordable, particularly for customers from smaller organizations. The ability to install only what modules are required will make the personalization, service support and training process much quicker and easier for the customer while at the same time, providing an upgrade path for future expansion.

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The new modular system of SWORD

Customers can choose to buy a complete support package, or individual packages of training, support, development, or product adaptation. MASA also offers to maintain ownership of SWORD and simply organize the running of training exercises for clients – a so-called turnkey training approach. Customers can rent the hardware and software, receive operator training and exercise rehearsals before the exercise. MASA will also provide on-demand technical support and after-action reviews along with a file of the exercise replay at a set price. While some customers will prefer to conduct training in-house, customers in civil security or from smaller countries may find that this on-demand option is the best way to provide top quality simulated training within budget.

Chouraqui said of the changes, “MASA values the relationships it has built with customers and is constantly striving to ensure it can deliver what these and new customers need. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality simulation software for training, and the new modular solutions of SWORD ensure that the tailored software and services is an option for all levels of customers.”

MASA will be exhibiting the new SWORD modules at their Booth #2360 at I/ITSEC, where it will also be participating in Operation Blended Warrior (OBW), the highly successful Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) training exercise that is taking place for a second year running at the show. OBW is a demonstration of not just exhibitors’ capabilities and technologies but also of how LVC training can be integrated with virtual and constructed training providing key capabilities in training programs. I/ITSEC takes place from November 28 until December 1 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.