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MASA launches Direct Artificial Intelligence

November 28 2016, Paris, France: Constructive simulation specialist, MASA, is now offering an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software solution known as Direct AI (DAI). DAI has been developed as an internal research & development (IR&D) project over the past 15 years and forms the backbone of MASA’s highly successful SWORD automated aggregated constructive training product.

AI can be described as a flexible and rational agent that recognises its environment and responds to stimuli accordingly. DAI is an integrated development environment that provides a high-level structured AI modeling language to specify the decision process of this agent. Through DAI users can specify strong adaptive behaviours which can be combined to implement higher level behaviours. Compromised actions make agents able to reach several objectives at the same time and to face unplanned situations.
For example, an entity with a recognition objective who encounter enemies and need to self-safeguard from them will automatically find a way to reach these two objectives and respond accordingly within the simulation without direct input from the students. This means that fewer staff a required to support the exercise and costs are saved.

MASA has considerable experience in the field of AI having previously developed its MASA LIFE product. DAI marks a major iterative improvement over LIFE and as well as forming a central pillar of SWORD can also be provided separately as a stand-alone product. Typical customers include simulation system integrators, research organizations as well as defence and aerospace companies.

The availability of DAI marks a general shift in the global strategy of MASA over the past six-months. The company has recently launched a new modular concept with SWORD whereby customers may procure elements of the system separately – covering simulation from brigade down to battalion levels, CBRN and logistics components – as well as new leasing options and various types of innovative service support packages that are now available. This new approach allows users to ‘build their own’ SWORD and support the system in the most optimal way possible that supports the customers budgets and resources.

“We are very excited about DAI and our approach of making it available to system integrators and other relevant users,” explained Enrico Raue, Sales and Marketing Director at MASA. “We believe that DAI excels and that it is the ideal tool for use in simulation, research, experimentation and developmental work. As with our modular approach to SWORD and our increased emphasis on service provision, we believe that DAI will provide considerable benefits and advantages to our partners around the world and reinforce our new global strategy.”

Demonstrations of the modular SWORD concept, including the new aggregated battalion version will be shown at I/ITSEC 2016 being held 28 November – 1 December 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando. MASA booth – #2360.