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MASA participated in Operation Blended Warrior

img_1925 Following last year’s highly successful Operation Blended Warrior (OBW) that took place at the International / Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, this year’s repeat exercise featured the MASA SWORD constructive simulation solution participation for the first time.

The first event was successfully demonstrated during I/ITSEC 2015 and included 31 industry and government participants that were networked across twenty-two booths on the exhibit floor. In addition to working through connectivity and interoperability issues, OBW 2015 raised awareness regarding standards, after-action review, and the impact of cyber warfare. This year’s event involved 50 industry, military and academic players with 90 different systems integrated over a distributed network.

OBW 2015 was demonstrated using a Humanitarian Assistance scenario during five 90-minute blocks of time, with each block consisting of three 30-minute vignettes, based on a fictitious country using Southern California as their main operating location.

OBW 2016 continued to emphasize those areas as well as additionally featuring multilevel security/cross-domain solutions (MLS/CDS) and performance measurements. The operation featured five continuous scenarios in the aviation, ground, maritime, cyber and C4I environments which ran simultaneously for the duration of all five-block events. SWORD provided constructive red opposing forces for the LVC air and ground blue forces to engage during the various battle threads.

OBW at I/ITSEC 2016 was open to both US and coalition partners, and included remote/long-haul connectivity to the exhibit floor. Coalition participation was restricted to NATO/ANZUS countries and the number of international participants was limited to 12 or fewer.

According to the US National Training & Simulation Association (NTSA), the sponsor of OBW, the over-arching objectives of OBW include documenting lessons-learned and facilitating identification of hindrances to achieving a true interoperable, plug-and-play environment associated with distributed training. This allows for development of a strategy for overcoming these hindrances for future distributed training events. The event consisted of multiple exhibit floor vignettes showcasing government and industry distributed simulation capabilities.
We are very proud to have participated in Operation Blended Warrior and we believe that SWORD made a significant contribution to the exercise”, says David Chouraqui, MASA’s CEO.

For the first time our new modular version of SWORD is being used in a large networked exercise in the USA. Recently we participated in similar configurations at Simtect Melbourne and also at Eurosatory in Paris. SWORD was very well received at both these events so we were confident that SWORD would be a beneficial contribution in this year’s OBW as well”.
With so few international participants selected, we feel that this is recognition of our capabilities as a company and of our SWORD solution”.