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MASA to demonstrate latest version of SWORD and enhanced AI capability at I/ITSEC 2017

MASA returns to I/ITSEC at Florida’s Orange County Convention Center on 27 November 2017 to demonstrate the latest developments to its SWORD wargaming solution, and the integration of MASA’s updated Direct AI into the system.

27 November 2017, Paris, France: Since first designing SWORD in 2001, an automated simulation training solution for army personnel, from brigade to division level, MASA has taken the system from strength to strength, continuing to develop it in line with customer requests and needs.

The latest iteration of SWORD, version 6.10, which will be on display at I/ITSEC, has integrated a new, dynamic chat tool into the system. The tool allows users to create groups, which can be defined in both the preparation and gaming phases of use. The tool can manage these groups, allowing or preventing them from sharing key strategic information. This information could include terrain features, situation reports, key positions or knowledge about enemy parties. The chat also enables trainers to send special alerts to groups or users, and to help them focus on specific events.

SWORD has also seen significant enhancements to its web admin tool. The exercise administrator can now better control clients and simulation servers remotely. The administrator can add new users at any point, and new remote clients can join the exercise when they wish. Improvements regarding the reliability of SWORD exercises have also been accomplished, specifically concerning time restraints for saving and restoring exercise data.

There have also been improvements to SWORD’s AI software, thanks to investment in MASA’s Direct AI. MASA has worked over the last two years to greatly increase the ability of Direct AI, and version 5.0 has been integrated into SWORD, providing better performance, a new debugger and improved reusability.

MASA has already announced that by May 2018, it will produce SWORD 6.11, which will include new models for naval and joint forces operations, and the team will be on hand at I/ITSEC to discuss these developments.

Away from MASA’s booth, NATO will be demonstrating the VIKING-COALITION at I/ITSEC on booth #2161. The Viking model was initiated by the United States and Sweden, but has significant support from NATO ACT and many partner nations and organizations. The model provides exercises designed to prepare a multi-agency force (civilian, military and police) for multidimensional crisis response operations, including security, humanitarian affairs, peace building and political issues. As such, realism and current operational concepts are key for training.

The training audience is split over three levels: Joint Task Force, Land Component and Brigade and they train in a synthetic environment using simulated command and control systems. Those training can practice operational and tactical planning and the application of doctrines and central resolutions, within the structures of UN, NATO and EU led missions.

The VIKING-COALITION delivers an integrated solution, covering the full military training cycle from strategic planning and design, through to preparation, assessment and evaluation, with recommendations and lessons identified. Future development is a crucial part of the concept and the US and NATO are providing the next generation innovations in the framework of a Lightweight Combined Operations Training Solution (LCOTS & CoreSim20).

During I/ITSEC, demonstrations of the VIKING-COALITION will be running at the NATO booth #2161. The Brazilian Army will be connected to the coalition from Brazil, using SWORD to participate in the exercise. MASA will also remotely connect to the coalition exercise, with SWORD playing a role in the crisis response training demonstrated.

Enrico Raue, MASA’s New Markets and Sales Manager, said, “We are proud to be part of the VIKING-COALITION, and that SWORD will be an integral platform in training staff across NATO, UN and EU missions for crisis management missions. SWORD, and its civilian alternative, SYNERGY, have already been used by our clients in Brazil and around the world to train staff for disaster and crisis management scenarios. The software complements the training scenarios required in the VIKING-COALITION and we hope we can continue to provide relevant training tools for crisis management missions.”

MASA will be demonstrating the latest version of SWORD from 27th November until 1st December, throughout I/ITSEC at its booth #2227.

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