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Brazilian Army announces renewal of MASA SWORD contract

November 29, 2017, Orlando, Florida: After four successful years of training command staff through COMBATER, a simulation system powered by MASA SWORD, the Brazilian Army has chosen to renew its software maintenance contract with MASA. The Army has also decided to extend the deployment of licenses chosen to improve its simulation training offering for its officers.


The Brazilian Army first selected MASA SWORD, an artificial intelligence (AI) based constructive training system in 2013. The Brazilian Army was seeking its first commercial system, which would be able to adapt and develop as quickly as operational requirements and soldiers’ equipment changed.

COTER, the Brazilian Army’s Land Operations Command (the Comando de Operações Terrestres – COTER), which runs the Army’s Command Staff Training Center in Santa Maria, was responsible for the selection process of the commercial system. A competition was held for a relevant solution, and of the seven down-selected companies, five of those included a solution powered by MASA SWORD. The three final companies in the competing for the contract would all have implemented SWORD.

Dec@tron, which won the contract, oversaw the implementation of SWORD, adapted the system into Portuguese, working with MASA to deliver a completely customized version of its training software.

Once implemented, the Army could train its command staff, from brigade to division level, for not only warfare scenarios, but also public safety and peacekeeping exercises.

The high automation level of SWORD’s AI technology allows for a reduction in the number of operators needed to run exercises. Enemy troops are completely simulated, and details ranging from ground conditions and vehicle breakdowns to troops’ morale can be plotted in advance of exercises taking place. As a result, the Army has been able to launch larger and more frequent exercises, requiring fewer resources.

Due to the intuitive interface of SWORD, training time for operators of the system has also decreased, as well as reducing the likelihood of operators making mistakes through the system. SWORD has both reduced the time and cost of training while also improving the quality of the training through providing the Army with a smarter training solution.

Now the Brazilian Army is looking to see how it can take SWORD to new levels of training, working with MASA to develop new simulation use cases. Earlier in 2017, MASA launched MASA do Brasil, a Brazilian subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro, to ensure it could provide immediate support to the Army and its civil defence customers. This move ensures that MASA can work closely with the Army as it develops more training scenarios and its requirements develop.

The renewal of the maintenance contract has been agreed on an annual basis for the next five years, providing the Brazilian Army with flexibility.

Marco Blasich, Manager of MASA do Brasil, said, “It has been a brilliant journey working with the Brazilian Army over the past four years. We are delighted that they have chosen to continue training through SWORD, and working with MASA to develop it further. AI technology is constantly progressing, and the level of accuracy and authenticity improves the more we work with them. I hope the next few years will be just as constructive.

At I/ITSEC, in Orlando, Florida, from November 27 – December 1, COTER will take part to the Viking 18 demonstration by remotely connecting the COMBATER platform from Brazil to the simulation scenario organized by the Swedish Army.

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