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Parsons Corporation USA invests in MASA SWORD to simulate complex operations research scenarios

July 16 2018, Paris, France: Parsons Corporation (Parsons), an engineering, construction, technical and professional services firm is a leader in diverse markets, focusing on infrastructure, industry, and construction at federal, regional, and local level, has purchased a number of SWORD licenses for use in operations research and weapon platforms for evaluation purposes.

Parsons is involved in research and development of mission-critical, next-generation technologies in the fields of engineering, integration, and simulation. The simulation is used to study the behavior of complex systems and solve operations research questions. One of the reasons Parsons chose MASA’s SWORD software is its ability to simulate complex scenarios without human interaction. Ease of use and the open architecture were other important selection criteria.

The AI-based simulation software provides training and analysis solutions for both military and emergency management scenarios. For Parsons, the software can be set up to run through a whole range of « what-if » scenarios, changing weapons, sensors, and even morale and weather conditions to analyze the effects on the scenario.

Through SWORD, Parsons can perform analysis on a variety of parameters that include requirements, operational effects and cost-benefit analysis. The group can analyze fleet management and risk before policy implementation to ensure maximum efficiency before undertaking events such as live training.

Enrico Raue, Sales and Marketing Director at MASA, said: « We are delighted that Parsons have chosen SWORD to study military scenarios. SWORD is a versatile tool and has already been used successfully in military training applications as well as civil emergency scenarios, such as flooding and counter terrorism. Parsons is the fourth organization to use SWORD for operations research. Earlier users are DGA France, DSTA Singapore and DSTG Australia. SWORD is now a proven solution in this field and we will see more defense organizations acquiring SWORD for the same purposes before the end of the year. »

SWORD will assist Parsons with their projects at army headquarters worldwide to optimize specifications and evaluate prospective systems and equipment.

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