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Belgian Army successfully personalizes MASA SWORD in only three months

3 September 2018, Paris, France: MASA Group’s next-generation complete wargame solution, SWORD, has been successfully personalized by the Belgian Army within the record time of three months. The Belgian Army had selected SWORD in February, after an intensive procedure, as their constructive simulation solution.

SWORD has been deployed in the simulation center at one of the biggest Belgian Army sites in Leopoldsburg in the northeastern province of Limburg. It has been used for command post training at Company and Battalion level and is able to work alongside with Virtual Battlespace 3, a comprehensive desktop training package and simulation host based on commercial video game technology. An integrated radio communication application is used during the exercises and the recorded communications can be replayed during after action review.

The Belgian Army completed both an advanced training of the simulation center staff and an exercise using SWORD as the constructive simulation solution.


This success for SWORD is another outstanding testimony that it can be tailored quickly to the needs of users, who can develop the solution themselves. MASA Group continues to support SWORD’s users daily and enables users to implement changes themselves and achieve their objectives. The Belgian Army has demonstrated how flexible and adaptable SWORD is and how users can make it work the way they need it to.

Marc de Fritsch, Managing Director at MASA, said: “It’s been a great experience working with the Belgian Army. The fact they have managed to personalize SWORD in three months is significant evidence that our wargame solution can be adapted quickly by users to address specific needs. At MASA we pride ourselves on our ability to work alongside customers to understand new and developing requirements. We look forward to supporting the Belgian Army in the coming months to ensure they continue to maximize their experience with SWORD, as well as supporting all SWORD users around the world”.

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