Paris, France – 8 June 2020 – MASA Group SA (MASA), a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Modeling & Simulation software for the defense, emergency preparedness, serious games and game development markets, announces that the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) have signed a major contract for the use of MASA SWORD.

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SWORD is an automated, aggregated, constructive simulation designed to improve training, analysis, and decision support for both commanding officers in the military and crisis managers in the emergency preparedness sector. SWORD offers users highly realistic scenarios as well as an open simulation platform which is interoperable with other simulations and Command & Control (C2) systems. It can be deployed via remote servers in the Cloud and is available in several languages (recent versions include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic). SWORD also includes Direct AI, a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence engine developed by MASA.

The Finnish Defence Forces are experienced users of simulation for command post exercises. Typically, they conduct approximately 20 exercises a year in their training center in Helsinki. Commanders come from across the country to attend these exercises, typically for a duration of five days.

SWORD will be used for the training of command posts at the FDF at the battalion and brigade levels. It will first be deployed in Helsinki, and will then be extended to several sites in Finland, providing distributed command post exercises. In choosing SWORD, they will achieve their primary objective, namely to perform varied exercises frequently, involving short preparation time frames and, crucially, requiring  little resources.

The acquisition includes a constructive simulation, training, documentation and installation on FDF premises. The objective for the FDF is, as far as is humanly possible, to have complete control over the adaptation, integration, deployment and use of the simulation. This will be achieved by transferring all skills and knowledge needed for the FDF to obtain the required results. Having provided the complete SWORD package plus training the FDF will be perfectly placed to adapt SWORD to their needs and deploy the software independently. Once up and running FDF will then receive two major releases of SWORD a year,  bringing a plethora of new functions and features.

The selection process involved an in-depth market study, and attracted offers from several potential providers. The final bidding process it was decided that MASA had the most advantageous tender based on the technical and price evaluation.

During this process MASA also had to show the selection committee that SWORD fulfilled the technical specifications as detailed in the tender.

“MASA SWORD, being a commercial off the shelf solution is very well suited for this kind of project as it is a proven working simulation, extremely well documented, and easy to use. Having experience of several similar projects, MASA is confident that this project will also be a great success.” said Enrico Raue, International Sales & Marketing Director. “We are delighted to have the Finnish Army as a new member of the SWORD user group, now represented by over 20 countries.”

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