MASA Group Selected by the University of Defense in Brno

October 15 2020, Paris, France: MASA Group SA (MASA), a market-leading developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Modeling & Simulation software for the defense, emergency preparedness, serious games, and game development markets, has been selected by the University of Defense in Brno, Czech Republic, to supply their  flagship product, MASA SWORD.

The university principally intends to use SWORD for operational research purposes in the fields  of war-gaming, analysis and experimentation.

Before selecting SWORD the University of Defense evaluated the offers of several companies. MASA’s flagship solution was selected for its sophisticated experimental module, and its ability to simulate complex systems and behaviors, excelling at low, medium, and high operational levels. Thanks to SWORD’s advanced AI capabilities it is possible to simulate complex operations in accelerated real-time with very few operators, or, quite remarkably, on occasions, none at all. Several courses of action can be prepared and executed in parallel, and furthermore, the simulation can be queried for evaluation data at any point in time during their execution. The full gamut of post-exercise analysis is evidently also provided.

Having followed a comprehensive training program to achieve a high-level of  proficiency with SWORD, their teams will customize the default content delivered with the product, bringing  it into line with Czech military doctrine. This work will result in an entirely localized version of SWORD, containing Czech units, equipment, terrain, urban environments, and vital infrastructure.

Dean Colonel Ing. Jan Drozd Ph.D. says: “One of the things in experimentation that is an absolute must is to be able to define individual Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles, Robots both for land and air missions,  and  swarms of robots. It is widely accepted that the use of this type of equipment will become part of our job. SWORD also allows us to gain a better insight into urban warfare. We are looking forward to the training program, and we hope that SWORD will become our go-to tool for science and research.”

MASA GROUP’s CEO Marc de Fritsch states: “Working in close collaboration with this prestigious institute is a privilege for us and we feel that SWORD will serve Univerzity obrany extremely well. The University of Defense is the sixth organization to use SWORD for operations research. Current users are Parsons, DGA France, DSTA Singapore, DSTG Australia and two others that we are not permitted to name. This is proof of the capability of SWORD to simulate courses of action applied in research and operational environments.

The Vice-Dean for Research Maj. Assos. Prof. Karel Šilinger, PhD. stated that “MASA SWORD has the potential to connect science and research activities carried out at the individual departments of the University of Defense and in the future the same could apply to other military schools and research institutions abroad”. In the hands of the Czech Republic Army, he expects that “the simulator could be used to gauge the value of equipment, devices and systems , prior to purchase”.

SWORD is an automated, aggregated, constructive simulation designed to improve training, analysis, and decision support for both commanding officers in the military and crisis managers in the emergency preparedness sector. SWORD offers users highly realistic scenarios as well as an open simulation platform which is interoperable with other simulations and Command & Control (C2) systems. It can be deployed via remote servers in the Cloud and is available in several languages (recent versions include English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Arabic). SWORD also includes Direct AI, a proprietary cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence engine developed by MASA.

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