MASA Group Selected by Nord University Preparedness Management Lab (NORDLAB)

NORDLAB will use MASA SWORD in their field of operations for situational awareness and risk assessment, as well as education, research, exercises, and testing related to sea-, land- and air-based emergency response.

January 13 2021, Paris, France: MASA Group SA (MASA), a market-leading developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Modeling & Simulation software for the defense, emergency preparedness, serious games, and game development markets, has been selected by Nord University campus Bodø, Norway, to supply MASA SWORD, which will combine with Pitch Talk, at their preparedness management lab.

SWORD will become one of a suite of solutions that constitute their computer-based simulation capacities, integrating with crisis management decision-support tools, and command and control support systems.

The selection process involved rigorous market research and analysis, followed by a public tender. The MASA solution was then chosen from of a range of offers, with superior cost effectiveness being just one of many qualities that put it ahead of the competition.

NORDLAB offers emergency preparedness training for public and private actors, and the addition of SWORD will further extend the concepts for which they can provide training, to the benefit of a wide variety of organizations, one example being the training of emergency preparedness managers and crisis management staff. Typical courses they offer include:

  • Emergency and preparedness management at strategic level
  • Skills and knowledge in secure operations of ships in polar regions
  • Emergency preparedness management courses for companies
  • Crisis staff courses for private and government agencies

SWORD will allow NORDLAB to prepare and simulate environments controlled by artificial intelligence, with a view to supporting their courses whose objective is to stimulate the training audience by presenting a view of close-to-real environments from within crisis centers.

SWORD will also assist NORDLAB in their research and development programs in the field of emergency preparedness and preparedness management, including emergency preparedness system analysis, decision-making support tools, and leadership quality analysis. NORDLAB also partakes in the development of innovative projects aiming to produce next generation cloud-based simulator systems, where again it is envisaged that SWORD will play a vital role. 

“NORDLAB is pleased to have increased their simulator capacity with engaging in a cooperation with MASA and their SWORD system/technology. This will allow us to play out even more advanced simulator exercises, especially regarding civil-military support scenarios. Furthermore, the SWORD technology will enable NORDLAB to connect the simulator to military partners. NORDLAB has several years of experience running real-time exercises with civil partners through maritime simulators and decision-making support tools.” said Professor Odd Jarl Borch, leader of NORDLAB. “Connecting the simulators with our partners have been one of the success criteria in creating realistic scenarios and enhancing the learning outcome for the participants.  We are therefore looking forward to the cooperation and becoming a member of the SWORD user group.”

“SWORD has proved to be a stunning success for our military clients across five continents. Among those satisfied customers, several have also used SWORD to train emergency preparedness managers and crisis management staff. To accommodate these requirements, we have over the years designed the simulation to also provide a perfect platform for part-civil, part-military applications. Indeed, the ease of use and the reduced staff numbers needed during execution, thanks to integrated AI, makes SWORD an equally high-performing solution for civil organizations. That said, a separate product, MASA SYNERGY, is the preferred solution for users that primarily design intricate solutions that can model any civil scenario. Faced with two rich offers, NORDLAB opted for MASA SWORD, as its ability to perform dual functions meets their need to involve the military in total defense scenarios.” said Enrico Raue, International Sales & Marketing Director. “We are proud to have NORDLAB as a new member of the SWORD user group, and expect their experience in civil applications will be of significant value to our military users, now present in over 20 countries.”

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