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MASA Group is a leading international provider of advanced softwaresolutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technologies and applied researchfor the Defence, Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Serious Games and Games markets. Established for over 20 years, and based in Paris, France, MASA is a trusted developer of pioneering AI software which combines scalability, adaptability and low cost of ownership.

Over the years MASA’s client base has grown considerably and evolved to deliver both military and civil training projects. MASA now works with agencies and militaries across 17 countries. SWORD remains MASA’s flagship training product but the company’s civil emergency management software, SYNERGY, and AI software development system, Direct AI, are also employed by organizations around the world.

The MASA product range, including MASA SWORD, MASA SYNERGY and Direct AI, is uniquely designed to simplify and optimize the implementation of AI capabilities for automating and driving simulated behaviors. Such
capabilities allow developers and end-users in various sectors to focus their efforts on enabling a series of costefficient and highly realistic applications – such as command staff training, crisis management preparedness, exercise preparation, after-action review, doctrine and equipment analysis, and corporate training.

Today, MASA is focused on continual improvements to its core products, working with
clients and partners to further develop and enhance the technology.

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