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Belgian Army successfully personalizes MASA SWORD in only three months

3 September 2018, Paris, France: MASA Group’s next-generation complete wargame solution, SWORD, has been successfully personalized by the Belgian Army within the record time of three months. The Belgian Army had selected SWORD in February, after an intensive procedure, as their constructive simulation solution.

SWORD has been deployed in the simulation center at one of the biggest Belgian Army sites in Leopoldsburg in the northeastern province of Limburg. It has been used for command post training at Company and Battalion level and is able to work alongside with Virtual Battlespace 3, a comprehensive desktop training package and simulation host based on commercial video game technology. An integrated radio communication application is used during the exercises and the recorded communications can be replayed during after action review.

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Parsons Corporation USA invests in MASA SWORD to simulate complex operations research scenarios

July 16 2018, Paris, France: Parsons Corporation (Parsons), an engineering, construction, technical and professional services firm is a leader in diverse markets, focusing on infrastructure, industry, and construction at federal, regional, and local level, has purchased a number of SWORD licenses for use in operations research and weapon platforms for evaluation purposes.

Parsons is involved in research and development of mission-critical, next-generation technologies in the fields of engineering, integration, and simulation. The simulation is used to study the behavior of complex systems and solve operations research questions. One of the reasons Parsons chose MASA’s SWORD software is its ability to simulate complex scenarios without human interaction. Ease of use and the open architecture were other important selection criteria.

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MASA Group remporte le 4e Trophée de la simulation numérique, catégorie PME

L’Usine Digitale et Teratec ont récompensé ce mardi 19 juin 2018 à l’Ecole Polytechnique les projets les plus innovants en matière de simulation numérique, réalité virtuelle, HPC (High performance computing) et Big Data lors du Forum Teratec.


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MASA Group to Integrate Pitch Talk in SWORD

Masa Group and Pitch Technologies, two specialists in COTS simulation products, join forces to launch an integrated solution for constructive training. It is based on their respective products, the MASA Group SWORD and Pitch Technologies´ Pitch Talk, Pitch Recorder and Pitch pRTI. This integrated solution, offers users, a constructive simulation, a communications simulation with voice and text, as well as a fully synchronized after action review capability.

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MASA exhibiting at Eurosatory 2018

MASA, a leading designer of artificial intelligence training solutions, will be showcasing its products and featuring in several demonstrations as Eurosatory returns to Paris this June.

11 June 2018, Paris, France: MASA will be exhibiting at Eurosatory from 11 – 15 June 2018 in Paris, France. World leaders in simulation software and integrated artificial intelligence (AI), MASA will be demonstrating its premier product, SWORD, on its booth throughout the week. SWORD provides military land forces with computer-based, detailed and realistic scenario training. SWORD is already in use with more than 17 organizations around the world and integrates seamlessly with a variety of equipment and software, based upon customer requirements.



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MASA Group selected by the Belgian Army

MASA Group is very proud to announce that, after an intensive selection procedure, the Belgian Army has selected MASA SWORD as their Constructive Simulation Solution.

MASA SWORD will be deployed in the simulation centre at one of the biggest Belgian Army site in Leopoldsburg in the northeastern province of Limburg.