Artificial intelligence for decision-makers

Founded in 1996, MASA develops innovative software solutions. MASA's agility, responsiveness and high technical skills have earned the trust of more than seventeen armies worldwide as well as many civilian organizations.

Based on a patented Artificial Intelligence technology, the software developed by MASA allows the command post and crisis management training of military or civilian decision-makers, the preparation of complex exercises with many parameters, the after action review as well as equipment or doctrine analysis.

As an official supplier to the French Army, MASA develops long-term partnerships with its clients, whether state or private, to help them train their staff, manage crises and prepare for the future.

Clients & Partners, they trust us

SWORD and the French army
"For the French Army, simulation is essential for the preparation of operational engagement and direct support to operations. To meet this challenge, MASA has earned the trust of the land forces, both for the quality and realism of its products, as well as for its high level of involvement and maximum service capability.

Thus in 2019, the French Army is expanding its use of SWORD by deploying it within its regiments. Following the example of the division and brigade command levels, which are already equipped and operational, this deployment will provide modern and efficient tools for the training of its officers. The French Army is thus rationalizing its simulation tools and can offer demanding exercises on a large scale while minimizing costs.

MASA also plays a key role in the operational capability of the French land sector. »
Major General Charles Beaudoin - Deputy Chief of Staff
" Plans & Programmes " Land Staff Headquarters