Added Value

If you are looking for a technology partner for R&D projects, MASA can offer a broad range of fields of expertise in connection with its products.

MASA SWORD and MASA SYNERGY Expertise offered

SWORD and SYNERGY use an agent­-based approach to simulate entities which evolve and dynamically adapt their behaviors to the environment. Each simulated entity uses its own decisional process to execute credible behaviors. These entities are able to take into account the current situation and its evolution, including changes in the environment, interaction with other entities, and their own capabilities and internal states.

SWORD has been used in several projects to develop the situation or to stimulate external environments or applications (crisis cells, operational tools…) according to given scenarios.

The simulation can also be a solution to integrate and visualize external data (e.g. resulting from external numerical simulations), to assess and render the impact of an event (natural disaster, terrorist attack…) on the environment and the simulated entities.

MASA can provide:

  • A simulation platform for crisis management and evaluation of resilience and safety plans
  • An integration platform for the results of other research activities
  • A realistic stimulation component for external environments or applications (crisis cell, operational tools, …)


  • Decisional models of human behaviors or operational missions
  • Physical data of actors in a security context
  • Urban area models including population, buildings, infrastructure, resource networks (water, electricity, gas, …), …



A.I. expertise offered

MASA’s Artificial Intelligence technology enables the creation of a graphical editor to design decisional behaviors and knowledge through decisional trees (behaviors trees) and gives an API to be integrated with various virtual environments.

We can directly apply our AI­-technology as a platform to design and execute AI that we can adapt for the benefit of a project and the coherence of the global platform for the following uses:

  • serious games
  • virtual simulations
  • training platforms
  • analysis platforms