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Général de division Charles BEAUDOUIN

Sous-chef d’Etat-major « Plans & Programmes »
Etat Major de l’Armée de Terre

« For the French Army, simulation is fundamental to its preparation for operational engagement, as well as providing direct support for operations. In meeting this challenge, MASA gained the trust of land forces, both through the quality and realism of its SWORD and SOULT products, and its high-level of involvement and maximum responsiveness. Thus in 2019, the French Army will again benefit from SWORD, enabling it to offer its regiments – following in the footsteps of the already equipped and operational divisional and brigade levels of command – modern and high-performing tools to train colonels and headquarter staff, thereby rationalizing their simulation tools and offering demanding, large-scale drills, while minimizing costs.
By the same token, MASA plays an integral role in the operational capacity of the French land-air sector. »

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