MASA SWORD is a complete wargame solution with automated forces for high-level training and analysis.

Developed in close relation with armies worldwide, SWORD is a cost-efficient constructive simulation focused on user needs. SWORD immerses brigade and division command post staff in large­-scale conflicts, stabilization operations, terrorist threats or natural disasters, providing a broader and more complete training solution that ultimately improves their decision­-making capabilities.

SWORD simulates an extremely diverse range of situations in highly-­realistic environments and lets trainees lead thousands of autonomous subordinate units on the virtual field.

Militaries around the world are fully aware of the great importance of training in order to be able to better confront real­-world situations. However, it is becoming more difficult to conduct training due to cuts in military budgets thus making armies worldwide reconsider the amount of training they can provide their leaders with, and the best tools to enable optimized training.

Thanks to virtual and constructive simulations, military leaders no longer need to make compensations because they can use these technologies to conduct cost-­effective and highly realistic training. MASA offers a large range of use cases to fit the requirements of any military.


Defense use cases covered by MASA include:

  • Training Centers: SWORD is ideally suited for large­-scale events, such as Joint or Coalition Task Force exercises.
  • C2 Simulation & Stimulation (such as Course of Action Analysis): whether integrated with a C2 system or stand-­alone, SWORD provides an environment to analyze courses of action faster than real­-time.
  • Self­-Training: With SWORD, trainees can be immersed in modern battle environments to hone their tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • Doctrine & Equipment Analysis: SWORD allows centers of excellence to set up and test new architectures (units, equipment, etc.), orders of battle, or doctrines in various conditions to synchronize new operational capabilities to combat elusive and adaptive adversaries.
  • Virtual simulations for training purposes: MASA’s behavior modeling middleware can be integrated in any existing simulation for improved and more credible training.


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