MASA offers solutions for the Emergency Management/Preparedness market thanks to its high-
level decision-­support software SYNERGY and SWORD.


There are many ways of training in the Emergency Preparedness sectors; MASA covers the following:Banner-Masa-background-Emergency-Preparedness-small

  • Homeland Security, Emergency Management, and Public Safety: SYNERGY and SWORD deliver relevant information to various target clients. Dispatching information through web­-services enables different types of organizations to train or exercise, especially for humanitarian, crisis and risk management scenarios.
  • Public­-Private Partnerships: if a private sector firm is unprepared and slow to recover from crises, their profitability is affected in an adverse way. Firms utilizing SYNERGY or SWORD can maintain preparedness and reduce recovery time while reducing overhead costs.
  • Plans Independently Verified Through Simulation (PIVTS): thanks to SYNERGY or SWORD, customers can assess whether their disaster plans are satisfactory or if they need to be updated or changed, by simulating the key elements of each plan.


Here is a list of organizations that have already deployed MASA’s solutions:

  • BSPP-logo-masaBSPP (Brigade des Sapeurs­-Pompiers de Paris):
    • Firefighters use SWORD to train in their main operation center by simulating a once-­a-­century flood disaster scenario in Paris.


  • codah-logo-masaCODAH (Communauté de l’Agglomération Havraise):
    • Acquired SWORD to train industrial and administrative officials for crisis management. ­
    • Raise awareness of Technology Risk Protection Plan, in particular concerning Emergency water supply to populations.
    • ­ Teach officials how to communicate with the media. In this case, SWORD is used as an animation and after review tool in a training cell.


  • HCFDC-logo-masaHCFDC (Haut Comité Français pour la Défense Civile):
    • Uses SWORD to control their crisis management scenarios and courses offered to vital importance operators and elected politicians.
    • Used in multi­-site configuration.


  • ­ IECISA-logo-masaIECISA:
    • Acquired SYNERGY to stimulate and train decision makers in an emergency crisis cell exercise in the Integrated Command and Control Center for the Public Security Secretariat of the state of Bahia in Brazil just prior to the 2014 World Cup.
    • ­ Evaluation, definition and review of emergency plans and operational methods.


  • state-of-bahia-logo-masaSalvador, State of Bahía:
    • Use SYNERGY to train Civil Forces and Security Agencies.