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Artificial Intelligence

Direct AI brings applications and products to life. It allows modeling, design, and development of rich behaviors through AI software agents that think and act, with any degree of autonomy, within a software product, an application environment or robots.


Constructive simulation

Instead of recreating huge and costly live exercises, constructive simulation can be used to train high­-level command staff in an efficient and cost-­effective manner, whether for Defense or Security purposes. MASA’s products SWORD and SYNERGY are simulation solutions with automated behaviors that are deployed for such training purposes, either in large-­scale training centers, in war schools, or even for self-training.


Virtual simulation

Virtual simulation is used to train military and emergency preparedness personnel at a lower level. MASA’s Artificial Intelligence-­based middleware enables its users to easily create automated behaviors. These behaviors can then be integrated into any virtual simulation engine, whether to simulate human or inanimate objects (such as vehicles) behaviors and moves.

Our knowledge and technology is not limited to these use cases, as it can also cover the needs of private companies for simulation in a variety of ways.




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