READY is a tool specifically developed for the design of scenarios and strategic action plans for military, public, and private organizations. Situations are created then simulated when confronted with enemies, disasters, or exceptional events, and can be modified iteratively, allowing for the comparison of outcomes.

The project is based on the SWORD simulation, an aggregated and automated constructive multi-agent simulation that uses Direct AI, an artificial intelligence middleware solution designed for the modeling of human and non-human behaviors.

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The purpose of this project is to provide a range of tools, complementing the traditional Cartographic Information System (CIS), to facilitate and accelerate the understanding of complex tactical situations.

The idea is to propose, for every military (logistics, engineering, combat, future manoeuvre …) or civil (security, victims rescue, evacuation, …) functional profile, three complementary tools: (1) a visualisation of the common operational picture and ongoing actions; (2) an aid for understanding through an analysis of past events / operational reports offering an automatic synthesis of history; and (3) a collaborative tool for manoeuvre conception.

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Research program including SWORD funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche that aims to reduce uncertainty in the event of volcanic eruptions in order to limit the amount of human, economic, social and cultural impacts.

The project aims to provide solutions for understanding and assessing volcanic hazards, scenarios, and risks in the Lesser Antilles in a context of decision­making, crisis management and pragmatic development. In this project, MASA proposes to use the SWORD platform to simulate a crisis scenario in Guadeloupe (population evacuation, impact of a volcanic eruption…) on the basis of work undertaken by other partners involved in the project.

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IMOSHION-logoUsing LIFE, IMOSHION is a research project that is co-­financed by the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) of the European Union.
The goal of the whole project is to raise the awareness of OSH issues for employees and managers in the SMEs of the industrial sector in order to reduce costs and risks, in particular when building evacuation plans.

In this project, MASA works on the development of a workplace simulation for experimenting and training in OSH issues using LIFE AI­-middleware to design and execute behaviors of non-player characters in the simulation.

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The main goal of this project, that includes LIFE, is to propose an innovative tool to design and test scenes of ambient life involving interactive and autonomous non-­player characters (NPC) in a 3D environment.

The project proposes other outcomes : a new idea of 3D virtual cities proposing an environment populated with small groups of NPCs that play interactive scenarios to increase the presence of the user in the environment; a video-game that uses interactive and autonomous groups of NPCs to propose an innovative gameplay experience; a sound engine coupled with 3D animation and environment to improve immersion.

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Research program leveraging SWORD, SICOMORES (Simulation Constructive et Modélisation des effets des Opérations d’influence dans les réseaux Sociaux) intends to create a population model which describes and simulates the effects of psychological and CIMIC (Civil Military Co­operation) military operations.

For this project MASA provides the SWORD simulation, enhanced by specifically­designed new missions, together with a software component that modelizes the effects of the aforementioned operations on the population. The project is a research program funded by the DGA and DGCIS, in the context of a RAPID (Régime d’Appui Pour l’Innovation Duale) plan.

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Logo-SyclopeThe goal of the project is to create a prototype of a simulation for crowd control scenarios in military and civil contexts, that is realistic and that represents each individual in the crowd.

In this project, MASA Group works on the modeling of high­level decisional behaviors of the crowd and decisional behaviors of the forces.

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Logo-TACTICResearch program including SWORD, TACTIC (Tablette d’Assistance Contextualisée pour la Transmission des Informations de Commandement) is funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche that simplifies C2 (Command and Control) tactical systems by making them more accessible and by allowing for multimodal ergonomics, an easy­to­read interface, interoperability with C2 systems, and standardized exchanges.

This project hopes to create a C2 demonstrator using a tactile tablet that is BML (Battle Management Language, which is a NATO standard) compatible and that can interact with a simulation software such as SWORD. In this project, MASA Group provides the SWORD simulation that is able to interact through BML/MSDL with a tactile C2 and interpret the received orders as missions executed in the simulation.

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Based on SWORD, this project is focused on finding and developing innovative social network tools that provide a collaborative sense­making environment for transforming information into actionable knowledge.

Its main objectives are to imagine a new interface C2 using modern and innovative concepts of interaction as well as design the future C2 interface and architecture inspired from the new social network tools.

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Other projects

MASA participated in the CRIMSON project on urban crisis management training using virtual reality and simulation, where MASA developed the behavioral simulation module for urban traffic and first­-responder units based on SWORD.

Concerning French national projects, MASA participated in the DESCARTES project, which results in an operational prototype of Emergency Management Information System including a suite of tools for decision making with virtual, constructive and augmented reality solutions. In similar security context, MASA was the coordinator of the project TARANIS to provide a training platform for crisis management including solutions to build, simulate and visualize complex crisis scenarios. This platform is always used by the end­user involved in the project for his/her training program (La CODAH). These projects used SWORD.

In 2014, SWORD was used by Parisian firefighters and the French electricity company ErDF for the simulation of a centennial flood in order to evaluate safety plans.