Financed by EDA (European Agency of Defense)
Begin : 01/06/2015
Duration: 24 months



C2 military challenge : find and use effectively the information flows to increase and support the cooperative working across time, space, and formal organisational units.

Because social network tools can address many of these needs, this project is focused on finding and developing innovative social network tools that provide a collaborative sense­making environment for transforming information into actionable knowledge.

This project will :

  • Develop an integrated theoretical framework that can be used to identify how social network tools can improve C2 agility. The framework focuses on analysing C2 information flows by incorporating C2 requirements, information needs, and capabilities of social network tools.
  • Evaluate C2 concepts based on social network tools regarding :
    • improvements in C2 agility
    • cost for maintaining a shared contextual awareness
    • risk for insufficient information sharing, coordination, and trust
  • Develop useful and convenient applications of social network tools for military C2 that provide a cooperative environment for transforming information into actionable knowledge.

The ACKSIS project was presented during Eurosatory 2016 (french)


  • Imagine a new interface C2 using modern and innovative concepts of interaction
  • Design the future C2 interface and architecture inspired from the new social network tools.


Research and industrial partners include :

  • FOI (Swedish defense Research agency, Sweden) -­­ Leader
  • Intactile Design (France)
  • MASA Group

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