Research program leveraging SWORD
Begin : 02/09/2013
Duration : 36 months


Logo-SicomoresSICOMORES (Simulation Constructive et Modélisation des effets des Opérations d’influence dans les réseaux Sociaux) intends to create a population model which describes and simulates the effects of psychological and CIMIC (Civil Military Co-­operation) military operations.

For this project MASA Group provides the SWORD simulation, enhanced by specifically­-designed new missions, together with a software component that modelizes the effects of the afore-mentioned operations on the population. The project is a research program funded by the DGA and DGCIS, in the context of a RAPID (Régime d’Appui Pour l’Innovation Duale) plan.



In the context of specific Information Operations (Info Ops) training, the use of simulation remains relatively limited. Indeed, though the majority of military forces readiness centers are today equipped with simulations for force on force training purposes, none of them are designed to take into account Key Leader Engagement (KLE), Psychological Operations (PSYOPS), or Civil Military Co­operation (CIMIC).


This is in part explained by the difficulty involved in measuring the effects of such operations, and the complexity of their modeling.

  • Technical issues :
    • Model for Information Operations for Influence
    • Message Propagation model in a population through communication newtorks
    • Rendering model the effects of Information actions
  • Issues concerning the human­-machine interface :
    • How to initialize a situation the Human Environnement ?
    • How to monitor the situation?
    • How to inject an order ?
    • Parameter types are they the same in force-on-force simulations ?
    • How to track the progress of an Information Operation ?
  • Use issues :
    • How to train officers in charge of Information operations using simulators ?
    • How to help officers in charge of the planning of Information operations using simulators ?
    • How and why linking force-on-force simulations and Information Operations Simulations ?



The SICOMORES project aims to put forward and develop a software solution based on simulation to assist in the training of Info Ops officers. More specifically, the project provides the following components to provide effective and realistic models :

  • The automatic generation of different populations based on cultural features,
  • The representation of social networks within the population,
  • The propagation of effects among social networks,
  • The monitoring of the situation


Research and industrial partners include :

  • LSIS ­- Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Information et des Systèmes (Université d’Aix Marseille, France) –­ Research Partner
  • IMS (Université de Bordeaux I / Sciences et Technologies) -­ Research Partner
  • MASA Group (Leader)

Main Workpackages

  • Modélisation conceptuelle
  • Modélisation formelle et interopérabilité
  • Modélisation de l’architecture & Implémentation
  • Validation & evaluation

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