Research program including SWORD
Begin : 30/01/2017
Duration : 40 mois


How can we counter the risk of « information flood » caused by the BD (Battlespace Digitization)? The purpose of this project is to provide a range of tools, complementing the traditional Cartographic Information System (CIS), to facilitate and accelerate the understanding of complex tactical situations. The idea is to propose, for every military (logistics, engineering, combat, future manoeuvre …) or civil (security, victims rescue, evacuation, …) functional profile, three complementary tools:

  • a visualisation of the common operational picture and ongoing actions;
  • an aid for understanding through an analysis of past events / operational reports offering an automatic synthesis of history; and
  • a collaborative tool for manoeuvre conception.

This trilogy allows to equip officers and decision makers in their understanding of complex situations, in their briefing work, thus accelerating the decision-making loop within the PC. It will be offered on touch pad to provide an easily deployable tool, mobile with each decision-maker, allowing them to work independently or collaboratively. Moreover each of these bricks is customised depending on the functional profile of the officer (infantry, logistics and engineering).

In this project, we propose to enrich the outcome model from the initial ASTRID project, TACTIC, to meet such a matrix of specific needs by developing a range of tools for

  • offering a “function” view (weapon, profession) of the Common Operational Picture (COP);
  • facilitating the understanding of the current situation through an analysis of the causal structure of past events thanks to a new Sense Making technology inspired by Narrative Intelligence research;
  • accelerating the integration of orders and communication within the decision cell by providing an optimised and intelligent order transmission or tactical drawing system.

In order to do this, and to increase the TRL of the outcome model from TACTIC, it is necessary to rework some functional components such as the cartographic management, or to enrich the coupling with SWORD in order to take full advantage of the simulated environment, and benefit from a realistic environment for evaluation and validation.

MASA Group, a SME, and the laboratory LabSTICC, continue to work together to enrich and improve the outcome model of the initial ASTRID project. In order to offer an evaluation in a realistic environment, demonstrators of tools from the project will be stimulated thanks to a constructive C2 simulation operationally used by the army, SWORD, which will generate reports and realistic accounts in the context of operational scenarios. »


The research and industrial partners are:

  • ENIB Lab-­Sticc (Telecom Bretagne France) ­ Research Partner
  • MASA Group (Lead)