Research program including LIFE
Funded by: RAPID DGA
Start date: February 2012
Duration: 24 months


Logo-SyclopeSYCLOPE (Simulation de la psYchologie des acteurs Civils de la violence dans des OPérations de maintien de l’ordre et de contrôle des foulEs) is an experimental project supported the French DGCIS (Direction Générale de la Compétitivité de l’Industrie et des Services) and the DGA (French Defence Procurement Agency) as part of a RAPID system supporting civil­-military innovation projects.

The goal of the project is to create a prototype of a simulation for crowd control scenarios in military and civil contexts, that is realistic and that represents each individual in the crowd. In this project, MASA Group works on the modelling of the high-­level decisional behaviors of the crowd and the decisional behaviors of the forces.




The main objective of the project SYCLOPE is to develop a prototype of simulation for crowd control and law enforcement to :

  • ­Model in a realistic manner the course of a confrontation between a crowd and a force ; ­
  • Simulate the individual interactions between the force and the crowd during a demonstration.


The project also aims to assess the value of this kind of simulation tool for two targets: the study of actual scenarios; the crowd control and law enforcement training.

The applications of the SYCLOPE project concern both defense, for crowd control operations, and civil, for the law enforcement, in two ways: Prepration by simulating a credible situation to train to prepare and conduct of crowd control operations; Operation support by simulating a future situation to assist in the planning of safety package.


Crowd behaviors

  • ­ Simulation of small social groups into the crowd
  • ­ Group and individual behaviors
  • ­ Progression of the psychological state of the crowd depending on the actions of the force
  • ­ Customizable profiles

Force behaviors

  • ­ Simulation of the decisional process of the force (mission of prohibition) depending on the threath of the crowd
  • ­ Less-­lethal weapon effects
  • ­ Set-up of the rules of engagement, means, ammunitions…

Results exploitation

  • Detailled replay of the simulation
  • ­ Progression of indicators over time : level of posture, means used, injured number, munitions number…


  • GOLAEM (France) ­ SME ­ Coordinator

Publications & Events

Forum Innovation DGA ­ In 2013, SYCLOPE was presented during the 2nd “Forum Innovation DGA” in a poster session dedicated to “Contribution of the DGA to the Global Security”.­dga­organise­son­2e­forum­innovation (French)

I/ITSEC 2013 ­ During the famous international conference I/ITSEC, MASA demonstrated the project SYCLOPE on its booth.