MASA-Synergy-Logo-Transparent-paddingMASA SYNERGY is a high-­level decision support system designed to help public and private organizations train their senior staff and officials to react to emergencies, crises and disasters.

SYNERGY is a training simulation that enables tactical and strategic high-­level decision-­makers from public and private organizations to efficiently prepare emergency management scenarios, rehearse procedures and validate emergency plans. The situations simulated in SYNERGY are highly  realistic, immersing the crisis-­cell members in an extremely diverse range of scenarios.

An advanced simulation

Masa-SYNERGY-01High level of realism: SYNERGY is able to represent high-­fidelity emergency response units and teams immersed in complex crisis and disaster scenarios through the use of physical models and advanced interoperability features.

Automated units: Emergency response units and teams in SYNERGY are intelligent and autonomous. The trainees and their crisis team members give instructions to the subordinate level using their standard means of communication. These high-level instructions will then be executed automatically, without any additional input from the players, with teams on the field adapting their behavior accordingly as the situation evolves. The Artificial Intelligence then determines the impact on the situation and its evolution. Operational reports from the incident area are then sent back up through all levels of the incident organization, resulting in a new status report at the crisis team level. There is a dynamic interaction between the instructions given and a continuously evolving situation and environment.

Adaptable: SYNERGY matches the specificity of every possible crisis situation and adapts to the organizational structure and procedures. Emergency response vehicles, equipment, and material in the simulation give a highly accurate representation of those deployed during the real crisis. Furthermore, human behaviors supplied are equally realistic in such situations.

Flexible and complete

Flexible: SYNERGY use cases include high­-level crisis management training, validation of procedures/equipment/means of communication, and interoperability and emergency plans. But it can also be used as a decision-support system during a crisis situation or as support for a large­-scale live exercise. SYNERGY can interoperate with other operational and simulation systems used by emergency response organizations.

Extensive out­-of-­the-­box content: SYNERGY is delivered with a large number of predefined units including the emergency services (police, fire & rescue, ambulance…..), transportation, logistics, communication centers, hospitals, government agencies, NGOs, refugees and military units, but also with threats such as natural, man­made, chemical, petrochemical, nuclear and biological disasters.

Large software suite: SYNERGY includes a simulation server, a gaming client, a timeline, tools for scenario preparation, terrain generation, physical and decisional models adaptation, after action review, a self­-training launcher and a web­-based interface to manage distributed exercises.


Easy to deploy & light-weight: a SYNERGY server can be inMasa-SYNERGY-03stalled in less than 15 minutes, allowing its users to focus on actual training rather than wasting time with unnecessary software complexity. A powerful web-­based administration tool allows remote trainees to easily download required software and scenarios. SYNERGY can also run on a standard laptop.

Intuitive: with a modern and intuitive GUI, players can become proficient with SYNERGY in a matter of hours.

COTS product philosophy: SYNERGY is updated several times a year, following a roadmap based on customer feedback, and is compliant with high quality software standards.