MS&T, vol. 3/4 2014


After decades of in-house maintenance and development, the Brazilian Army decided a new COTS solution would provide significant benefits and ROI. The result is COMBATER, a constructive simulation system that is meeting their expectations. Lt Col Sergio Martins Rocha, Brazillian Army, tells the story.

Military Training & Simulation News – Vol. 16, Issue 1 2014

South America, and Brazil in particular, is making major investments in training and simulation systems. This article investigates how Brazil is redefining its constructive training with the adoption of an innovative new training system.

Defence & Security Systems International, vol. 1 2014


As funding for defence projects continues to fall, armies are increasingly looking to simulation software for economically viable training solutions. Juan-Pablo Torres, CEO of MASA Group, discusses how artificial intelligence-based computer programs can save forces time and money.

Europe Parlementaire (FR) – n°15, Apr.-May.-Jun.2013

La gestion de crise à visage humain (Crisis management with a human face) – Interview with Rémi Gilet, Vide President, France, MASA Group

In this interview, Rémi Gilet presents how the French SME, MASA Group, developed a simulation software that is unique in the world. It is an aide for preparation and decision making for all catastrophy management actors in France and abroad.