MASA SWORD is a complete wargame solution with automated forces for high-level training and analysis.

Developed in close relation with armies worldwide, SWORD is a cost-efficient constructive simulation focused on user needs. SWORD immerses brigade and division command post staff in large­-scale conflicts, stabilization operations, terrorist threats or natural disasters, providing a broader and more complete training solution that ultimately improves their decision­-making capabilities.

SWORD simulates an extremely diverse range of situations in highly-­realistic environments and lets trainees lead thousands of autonomous subordinate units on the virtual field.


An advanced simulation

High level of realism: SWORD can represent high­-fidelity ground forces immersed in highly realistic joint-­forces scenarios, through the use of detailed physical models and advanced interoperability features.

Automated forces: platoons and companies in SWORD are intelligent and autonomous. They can receive operational orders and execute them without additional input from the operators, while adapting their behavior accordingly as the situation evolves. Such a level of fidelity on combat actions, the operations of battalions, brigades, army divisions and higher, provides commanders and their staff with remarkably reliable simulation exercises.

Adapted to your doctrine: everything in SWORD can be customized to match the specificity of any doctrine: from vehicle speeds, weapon system performance and sensor accuracy, through unit composition, basic loads and logistics systems, to unit behaviors and missions.

Flexible and complete

Flexible: SWORD use cases cover command staff large-scale training centers, officer self-training, course of action analysis, planning and decision support. Furthermore, support of interoperability standards provides for integration with existing command & control systems.

Extensive out-­of-­the-­box content: SWORD is delivered with a large number of predefined units including armed forces (infantry, tanks, artillery, engineering, army aviation, etc.), public safety (police forces, firefighters, ambulances, etc.), asymmetric threats (terrorists, militias, etc.) government agents and civilians (NGOs, refugees, etc.). Hundreds of missions are available to command these units.

Total solution « all-in-one »: SWORD includes a simulation server, a gaming client, a timeline, tools for scenario preparation, terrain generation, physical and decisional models adaptation, after-action review, a self-­training launcher and a web-­based interface to manage distributed exercises.



Easy to deploy & lightweight: a SWORD server can be installed in less than 15 minutes, allowing its users to focus on actual training rather than wasting time with unnecessary software complexity. A powerful web­-based administration tool allows remote trainees to easily download required software and scenarios. SWORD can also run on a standard laptop.

Intuitive: with its modern and intuitive GUI, players can become proficient with SWORD in a matter of hours.

Partnership with the user community: a roadmap based on user feedback results in new releases of SWORD several times a year. The new releases deliver new capabilities to all members of the SWORD user community.